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Landing page components that look great & convert

Page UI is a set of landing page components & templates that you can copy & paste into you codebase. Made for React & built on top of TailwindCSS.

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Free & open source

Building & designing landing pages is hard

Page UI is landing pages on easy mode. Copy any section of a template and own it forever in your codebase.

Steal this template

Try out 🥷 thief mode and copy any section with a click!

Inspired by the best

We've analyzed 10s of landing pages that convert and distilled them into a set of components that you can use in your projects.

Social proof.
Increase trust with testimonials, reviews, and ratings.
Feature highlights.
Show off your product with beautiful feature sections.
Dark mode & themes.
Never ship too late & choose from tons of themes to match your brand.
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Compatible with React, Next.js, and more.

Learn by example

Page UI documentation has houndreds of examples that you can copy and modify.
Start from a blank slate to create, start by example to innovate.

World-class docs.
Explore in-depth docs, props and code samples for each component.
Themes at your fingertips.
Switch between themes straight 👀 in the docs. You got that right.
Templates for days.
We are constantly adding new templates and components to the library.

All templates and components are free to use and open source.

Ship that landing page today

Get started with Page UI and transform your landing pages into high-converting, visually stunning websites with ease.

Page UI is a new way to build landing pages

What's old is new again. Page UI is a fresh approach to creating landing pages inspired by Shadcn UI. Have complete control over your components by copying and pasting them into your codebase. No packages, no dependencies, no fuss. Just beautiful, high-converting landing pages.

Easy Copy & Paste

Simply pick your preferred components and paste them into your React codebase. That’s it!

Free Templates

Access a variety of professionally designed templates, inspired by the best in the industry.

Thief Mode 🥷

Turn on Thief Mode to copy any section of a template with a single click. Steal like an artist!


All Page UI components are made for React, making integration into your projects a breeze.

Based on Shadcn UI

Page UI is built on top of Shadcn UI & TailwindCSS. Take your favorite UI library to the next level.


All components are themeable, allowing you to match your brand’s look and feel with ease.

Dark mode

Dark mode is built in and ready to use. No more "I shipped too late", you'll ship just in time.

World-Class Docs

Explore in-depth docs, props and code samples for each component. Or change themes straight in the docs.

Free and Open Source

All templates and components are free to use and open source. We're in this together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Page UI

We've collected some of the most common queries about our robust landing page components and templates to help you better understand what Page UI offers.

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