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A collection of templates, components and examples to create beautiful, high-converting landing pages with React and Next.js. Open source & themeable with Tailwind CSS.

Similar to Shadcn UI, Page UI is a collection of re-usable components and not a library you can install.
You can copy paste the components you need and then they become part of your codebase.

This is not a dependency you install, but more like code snippets you can use to build your landing page.
If you are familiar with Shadcn UI, this should feel similar. In fact, some components are built on top of Shadcn UI.

Adding components

To add components to your codebase, install Page UI, then navigate to the component documentation, templates or usage examples and copy-paste the code into your project.

Alternatively, use Shipixen to get a codebase with all components set up.


Designing and building landing pages that look good and convert well is hard business.
Most UI libraries focus on application UI, so when you set up a starer or boilerplate you end up staring at a blank canvas.
The time spent browsing through bloated templates, figuring out how to port them to your app and then customizing them is time you could spend on your product.

Start from a blank canvas to create, start from Page UI to innovate.

Next Steps

Install Page UI in your app by following the installation guide.
Then, check out the landing page components to see what you can use in your app.