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Landing Page Product Hunt Award Component

Use this component to show a Product Hunt award, if applicable, to increase trust.

Product of the Day3rd


import { LandingProductHuntAward } from '@/components/landing/social-proof/LandingProductHuntAward';
<LandingProductHuntAward place={3} />



The award can either be grayscale or colored and it comes in two sizes: small and default.

Product of the Day1st

With custom text

#1 Product of the weekMarketing

API Reference

Prop NameProp TypeRequiredDefault
place number ǀ stringYes-
title stringNo'Product of the Day'
size 'default' ǀ 'small'No'default'
grayscale booleanNotrue
textContainerClassName stringNo-
titleClassName stringNo-
placeClassName stringNo-

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