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Landing Page Testimonial Inline Item Component

Use this component to display a single testimonial inline. Use this to highlight short customer testimonials or reviews. are meant as short validation and are usually support for a primary or secondary Call to action.

Can be used with Testimonial Inline.

Jane Doe

"Best app ever"

Jane Doe


import { LandingTestimonialInlineItem } from '@/components/landing/testimonial/LandingTestimonialInlineItem';
  name="Jane Doe"
  text="Best app ever"


With Testimonial Inline Wrapper

John Doe

"I love this app"

John Doe

Jane Doe

"Best app on the market"

Jane Doe

Alice Doe

"Never seen anything like it"

Alice Doe, CEO of Instagram

Guido Ross

"Nothing comes close to it"

Guido Ross, DevOps at Meta

API Reference

Prop NameProp TypeRequiredDefault
imageSrc stringYes-
text stringYes-
name stringYes-
suffix stringNo-

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